Is there anybody in there?

It’s been a bit quiet in here. Soz.

Turns out writing blog content takes a really, really long time – and I’ve been pretty busy.

We were supposed to be heading off for a 3-month roadtrip to southern Europe and the Balkans, err, yesterday. Between getting the DAF ready for that, and sorting various other bits and pieces for customers*, I’ve been flat out.

The Leyland DAF t244 camper

*While I’m still working my usual day job (I’m a stress engineer), I have reduced my hours. This has freed me up some time to take on customer jobs alongside my own projects. While my main focus is welding/fabrication of a Land Rover flavour, I’m interested in pretty much anything of an old and mechanical nature – if you have any jobs you think I could help with, feel free to give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

You can use the ‘contact’ tab up top to send me an email.

The Covid-19 situation has put paid to our travel plans this year, but I’m still working away on things here. If you want to see what I’ve been up to, please click on through for a browse on Instagram:

I’ve started adding bits and pieces on there, as I can fire out a few pictures and comments in minutes, rather than spending ages writing a detailed blog post. I’ll still pop back here for any posts that I feel need a bit more detail to do them justice.

I’m fairly new to the Instagram scene, social media isn’t really my thing. (As my de-facto mother-in-law joked about the current Coronavirus social distancing measures – ‘you’re an engineer, you’ve been practicing social distancing your whole life!’)
If you’ve got an account with some interesting shizzle on there, drop me a line and I’ll have a browse!

Thanks, and take care


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