• 1957 Series 1 88"
  • Crusty bottom

    A typical land rover rebuild requires a fair bit of rust busting. I think we’ve established that. It’s not just the steel bits that rot though. While the aluminium panels (particularly the Birmabright on earlier vehicles) are more corrosion resistant than steel, they do corrode. This usually occurs where they are in contact with steel parts […]

  • 1991 Leyland DAF t244
  • Crane!

    Situation: there are 10 large wooden posts I need to plant in the ground for a carport build. The posts are 170 mm square by 4.5 m long. At ~100 kg per post, I can’t lift them into position on my own. Obvious and sensible solution: rent/borrow a telehandler for the duration of the work. More interesting solution: build […]